Dynamism in Metal - Forging Metal with: Stephen LeBlanc

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Dynamism in Metal - Forging Metal with:  Stephen LeBlanc
Dynamism in Metal - Forging Metal with: Stephen LeBlanc

October 21 - 23

10:00am - 5:00pm


Skill Level: All levels - Beginners as well as experienced students welcome

$30 payable at time of registration

Master Workshop

In this class we will focus on the properties inherent in metals. Ductility, malleability, and work- hardening will be used to create complete, flowing and resilient forms from heavy gauge metal wire and rod.

The smooth transition of mass from simple metal rod into dynamic and sculptural forms will be explained. Students will expand on this knowledge using a hammer and anvil to take their original stock into a more complex sculptural finished form. Students will use a rolling mill, hammers, an anvil and stakes to create their pieces while conserving most of the metal they began with (an important consideration as the price of metals continues to increase). An understanding of design along with planning the order of steps needed to create a piece will be explained. Students will receive instruction and guidance on the planning and the execution of new forms and on how to translate an idea into a finished form.

Beginning students will be develop a deep understanding of the potential of metals and how to create a finished form from a concept. Returning students will be able to focus on translating their simple forms into more dynamic sculptural finished pieces. Understanding when and how to anneal properly and when and how to use heat sinks to protect areas that have already become work hardened, will open new areas of design potential and functionality. We will be working on a smaller scale for jewelry but these concepts will also apply to larger more sculptural pieces.

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