Intermediate Jewelry Fabrication Session B with: Steven Parker

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Intermediate Jewelry Fabrication Session B with:  Steven Parker
Intermediate Jewelry Fabrication Session B with: Steven Parker

November 1 - December 6

10:00am - 1:00pm

Runs 6 Mondays


Skill Level: Basic metal skills or completed Intro to Jewelry

$30 materials fee payable at the time of registration

Regular Workshop

Session A, 6 weekly three hour classes: We will start with basic techniques, learning to use and be comfortable with the various tools of jewelry making. You will learn to use the jeweler's saw, pliers, files, flexible shaft machine, and the jewelers' torch through a series of exercises and projects similar to the images shown here. The exercises and projects are designed to practice techniques of sawing and piercing, forming, and soldering. The various metals used in fabricating jewelry, such as copper, brass, silver, gold, and platinum, are discussed, and we learn how they differ in working and wearing characteristics. As we become comfortable with techniques learned we will add stones in simple settings. In addition, all students are encouraged to design their own piece of jewelry to fabricate in class.

Tool and supply list
In addition to the standard hand tools and torch as available in the Guilded Lynx studio, you will need to bring:
    Large 8 - 10" coarse cut (#0) half round file with handle
    Emery paper - fine, medium, coarse
    Emery sticks (3)
    Good quality pin vise(s), brass with square steel head, range 0 - 3.2mm
    Cross lock soldering
    #3 watchmakers tweezers
    Drill bits - 1.0mm, 1.2mm

    Silver or brass
    Flat wire: 6mm (or 1/4") wide x 1.5mm (or .064") thick x 12"
    Square wire - 2mm x 15"
    Round wire, straight - 3.5mm OD x 3"
    Silver solder, IT, Hard, Medium

And whatever tools and materials you will need for your individual project

Steven Parker is an Adjunct Professor in the Jewelry Design Department at FIT in New York.
He is also a certified Rhino trainer, teaching Rhino3D, a CAD modeling program widely used in jewelry and other industries. Steven went through his apprenticeship at Oscar Heyman, a manufacturer of the very finest precious stone jewelry, and later returned there to manage production. He spent time working in the toy industry, developing and manufacturing products that took adantage of his expertise and love of all things mechanical. Currently, in addition to teaching he consults with clients on all phases of jewelry manufacture from design and prototyping to production.
To learn more about Steven and to see some of his work please click here

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