Working with Argentium Silver with: Lessley Burke

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Working with Argentium Silver with:  Lessley Burke
Working with Argentium Silver with: Lessley Burke

November 13

10:00am - 4:00pm


Skill Level: Advanced Beginner - students should have knowledge of basic tools

$30 materials fee payable at the time of registration

Regular Workshop

In this one day workshop students will be introduced to one of the newest types of sterling silver, Argentium. Argentium was originally alloyed as a silver that would not tarnish. However, as people have worked with it, they have found that there are many more benefits to working with it, the main one being that it is very easy to fuse, eliminating the need to use solder and avoiding the clean up that inevitably follows. Joins that have been fused are much stronger than soldered joins and not having to clean up excess solder on the finished piece saves a lot of time and avoids the damage that can sometimes happen from over polishing. Argentium is a unique metal, sharing more properties with gold than silver. Gold is easily fused to it, allowing artists to create rich looking pieces without the expense of a piece created entirely in gold. A supply list will be sent out prior to class with suggested amounts and gauges of metal to bring to class. Students may bring their own small hand tools but the studio is also fully equipped if they would prefer not to.

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