Die Forming with the Hydraulic Press with: Steven Parker

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Die Forming with the Hydraulic Press with:  Steven Parker
Die Forming with the Hydraulic Press with: Steven Parker

February 29 - March 1

10:00am - 5:00pm


Skill Level: A bit more than beginner, you should be comfortable working with basic tools and techniques such as sawing,iercing, soldering, annealing

$40 payable at time of registration.

Kit Fee: $30 payable to the instructor on the first day of class

Master Workshop

Die forming gives us the ability to create modulated forms out of very thin metal, which reduces cost of materials and weight (especially helpful in earrings). We can also use the die we will be making to easily make mirror images of the form we stamp. Because the metal being used is very thin, 0.5 mm, we will discuss the use of an underbezel to strengthen the piece and make it durable as jewelry.

  1. 1. Create a die of your unique design
  2. 2. Use the hydraulic press with your die to make your design.
  3. 3. Understand the use of an underbezel to strengthen your stamped piece.

Fabricate a die for your design and stamp out a piece in silver or copper, add an underbezel for strength and findings to wear your piece as pendant or earring.

Steven Parker is an Adjunct Professor in the Jewelry Design Department at FIT in New York.
He is also a certified Rhino trainer, teaching Rhino3D, a CAD modeling program widely used in jewelry and other industries. Steven went through his apprenticeship at Oscar Heyman, a manufacturer of the very finest precious stone jewelry, and later returned there to manage production. He spent time working in the toy industry, developing and manufacturing products that took adantage of his expertise and love of all things mechanical. Currently, in addition to teaching he consults with clients on all phases of jewelry manufacture from design and prototyping to production.

To learn more about Steven and to see some of his work please visit this website.

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