Anticlastic Raising with: Britt Anderson

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Anticlastic Raising with:  Britt Anderson
Anticlastic Raising with: Britt Anderson

April 17 - 19

10:00am - 5:00pm


Skill Level: All Levels

$40 payable at time of registration

Master Workshop

ANTICLASTIC RAISING WITH BRITT ANDERSON/GUILDED LYNX 2020 Students who attended the 2019 workshop will build on their skill set to produce a 3 dimensional pin. Additional forming and hand skills will be developed while discussing how to plan polishing a dimensional piece.

A second exercise will involve developing shell structures based on anticlastic forms. Shell structures can be made on a jewelry scale or on a larger sculptural scale, we will focus on a jewelry scale shell structure. What your shell structure will be is your choice, it can take the form of a pendant or earrings or a component to be incorporated into a design. I will share with you important considerations along the way.

The focus of the class is the primary understand and execution of anticlastic raising. You will learn to make open anticlastic forms as well as a spiculum.

Tool choices and usage will be discussed and implemented. Essential tools will be listed and made available for purchase.

28 years of skill specific knowledge will be shared while encouraging an open and earnest discussion.

Different metal choices and their properties will be discussed.

Finishing the different forms created will be discussed.

I want my students to cultivate a love of working directly in metal, to learn and enjoy process. My goal is for you to leave enthused and with a broader knowledge of working with metal!

I look forward to our class together!

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