Anticlastic Raising with: Britt Anderson

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Anticlastic Raising with:  Britt Anderson
Anticlastic Raising with: Britt Anderson

May 3 - 5

$675, runs from 10:00am - 5:00pm

Skill Level: All Levels

$30 payable at time of registration

Master Workshop

The focus of the class will primarily be understanding and executing anticlastiic raising. -You will learn to make open anticlastic forms, anticlastic fold forms as well as spiculums. We will discuss and if time allows explore shell structures. -Tool choices and usage will be discussed and implemented. Essential tools will be listed and made available for purchase. -Tips and tricks that are the benefit of 27 years of technique specific practice will be freely shared, an open and earnest discussion will be encouraged! -Design development will be discussed and we will follow through if time allows. -Different metal choices and their properties will be discussed. Recycling of clean scrap material will be discussed as this is a considerable cost saver for a goldsmith. -Finishing the different forms created will be discussed with a focus on how to properly create a beautifully polished compound curve. -I tend to keep my goldsmithing practice simple, minimal but highly functional tools and efficient technique. I would like to pass on the same approach. -A Design specific follow up class could be possible if there is sufficient interest. -I want my students to cultivate a love of working directly in metal, to learn and enjoy process. My goal is for you to leave enthused and with a broader knowledge of working with metal!

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