Marriage of Metals with: John Cogswell

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Marriage of Metals with:  John Cogswell
Marriage of Metals with: John Cogswell

May 18 - 19

$500, runs from 10:00am - 5:00pm

Skill Level: Basic skills including sawing, filing and soldering

$30 payable at time of registration

Master Workshop

'Marriage of Metals' (or simply 'Married Metals') is an inlay technique in which component pieces of metal are fitted together in a jigsaw puzzle fashion. Using a 'palette' of non-ferrous metals, each having its own distinct color, participants will learn to create a wide range of striking patterns as well as two-and three-dimensional images. Topics to be covered will include: design development (geometric patterns; 2D and 3D designs; etc.); sawing, fitting and soldering tricks and techniques; incorporation of married metal panels into finished pieces and special construction considerations; and, final finishes and patinas.

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