Bezel Ring/Eternity Band with: Jill Hurant

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Bezel Ring/Eternity Band with:  Jill Hurant
Bezel Ring/Eternity Band with: Jill Hurant

October 27 - 28

$450, runs from 10:00am - 5:00pm

Skill Level: Basic Soldering and Tool skills

$30 payable at the time of registration

Master Class

If you have always admired the classic eternity band please join Jill Hurant for her hands on method of making this beautiful fine silver ring. The ancient technique of fusing will be covered in great detail as fusing is one of the mainstays of making this ring. Two different methods for fabricating the ring will be discussed. We will be using 6mm cabochon stones but once the technique is mastered, this ring lends itself to many different types of stones. ie: rose cuts, faceted stones, sea glass and raw stones. Topics to be discussed are:

  1. 1.Types of stones that can be used in the ring
  2. 2.The process of making fine silver bezels
  3. 3.Fusing fine silver, both as jump rings and bezels
  4. 4.How to size the ring
  5. 5.Fabricating the base of the ring
  6. 6.Soldering the bezels to the backsheet.
  7. 7.How to use silicon wheels and separating discs
  8. 8.Correct way to set cabochon stones
  9. 9.Jill's jewelry making tips and tricks

    1. Good soldering skills are a must.

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