Soldering Workshop with: Joy Raskin

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Soldering Workshop with:  Joy Raskin
Soldering Workshop with: Joy Raskin

October 13 - 14

$450, runs from 10:00am - 5:00pm

Skill Level: All levels

$30 payable at time of registration.

Master Class

Soldering Tips and Tricks - ever struggle with soldering and wanted to improve your soldering skills? Or not sure how to set up your own soldering torch and tank? This workshop will cover the basics of how to set up your own soldering torch and tank, cover safety issues and a place to solder. We will cover all the soldering basics to advanced, from butt joints to stick soldering, to supporting metal to solder hard to reach solder joints. We will work on soldering and help you gain confidence in your soldering skills. Great for those who have been taking jewelry classes but want to improve on soldering as well as those who want to understand soldering. Bring in your problem soldering jobs and we will work on ways to solder them. We will be using acetylene/air torches and oxygen/acetylene Little Torch but also will have oxy/propane Little Torch and butane torch to try out. We will use silver, copper, brass, gold, steel and nickel. We'll talk about various solders such as silver solder, brass solder, copper solder and gold solder.

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