Mechanisms in Argentium Session 1 with: Ronda Coryell

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Mechanisms in Argentium Session 1 with:  Ronda Coryell
Mechanisms in Argentium Session 1 with: Ronda Coryell

November 6 - 8

$700, runs from 9:00am - 6:00pm

Skill Level: Basic tool and soldering skills

$30 payable at time of registration. $50 kit fee payable to instructor.

Master Workshop

A discount will be applied if you sign up for both Sessions 1 & 2. Cost for signing up for Session 1 and Session 2 is $1200 plus $30 studio fee and kit fees.

In this 3 day class, students will learn about the technology and techniques required to work with Argentium Sterling Silver, a revolutionary sterling silver alloy that has magical characteristics. Argentium is .935, does not firescale and is tarnish resistant. The material's ability to be fused without solder adds to its appeal. Master goldsmith, Ronda Coryell, will provide expert instruction and close up demonstrations. Students will get hands-on experience to create a pair of earrings with open wirework filigree, and a lentil clasp.


  • 1.35mm/16ga sq wire 1'-frame
  • 1.35mm/16ga rd wire 1'-filigree
  • .65mm/22ga sheet x 2.5mm x 1"-u-channel mechanism
  • 1mm/18ga rd wire x 1" -rivet
  • .8mm20ga rd wire x 2" -ear post ball up ea end and cut in half
  • 2 half-drilled pearls (091-446 black or 829-160 white)


  • .8mm (20ga) discs x 15.9mm (5/8") - 2pcs (domes)
  • .8mm (20ga) sheet x 19mm x 19mm - 2pcs (faceplates)
  • 2mm (12ga) Rd wire x 25mm (key)
  • 1.35mm (16ga) sheet x 3mm x 10mm (key)
  • .8mm (20ga) Rd Wire x 25mm (jump rings)

  • * .8mm (20ga) Rd wire x 15cm (if using decorative wires)