Stone Setting with: Joy Raskin

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Stone Setting with:  Joy Raskin
Stone Setting with: Joy Raskin

March 10 - 11

$450, runs from 10:00am - 5:00pm

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner - basic skill set/basic soldering

$30 materials fee payable at the time of registration.

Master Workshop

"Demystifying Stone settings" - if you have ever wanted to go beyond the basic bezel and if you would like to know more about stone setting, then this workshop is for you. We will do tube bezels from using commercial tube bezels to making your own from thick wall tubing and sheet metal, how to modify and tweak tube bezels and how to do flush setting. We will move to prong setting for round, oval, square, trillion, and emerald-cut faceted stones using commercial prong settings and making your own out of wire. This workshop will not cover pave or illusion settings. We will work mostly in silver, but also with some gold settings if desired. Pros and cons of various gold alloys will be discussed and which are best for gemstones. Students may bring their own stone settings projects to work on along with any stones, silver and gold they may have. Silver, gold, settings and stones can be purchased from Joy.

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